All units in dark district are separated into three categories which include tanks, Aerials and Mechs that fight great against one type of unit but will succumb to other unit types whether it be high health versus low damage or High movement speed versus Slow movement speed.


The game first starts the player off with the T1 Python a sturdy yet slow main battle tank that would serve useful until it's replaced by the bigger T1 Minotaur battle tank.

Tanks are well-Known for their high damage output and range but this is traded off with a slow rate of fire, speed and health thus serving them as minor distractions for enemy base defenses while the mechs swoop in for the kill.


Aerials are flying versions of combat gunships that have lower health then tanks and inflict less damage then tanks but their movement speed as well as splash damage effect allows them to Suppress certain base defenses while mechs and tanks destroy the compound.


Big and tough mechs are designed for war thanks to their great health and movement speed.